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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I save money?

In addition to wholesale-based fuel purchasing, Rebel Fleet offers strict controls, fraud protection, unusual activity reporting, back-office efficiencies, on-site and off-site data management, tax exemptions.

What are the benefits of a provider with more than one fuel card?

Providers of just one card have a limited site availability. Rebel Fleet offers our proprietary card (NFS), CFN, and Voyager.

Where are our locations?

Everywhere! From regional to national, we’ve got you covered. Check our site locator for your nearest locations.

Is a contract required?

No!  Give Rebel Fleet a chance you won’t want to leave.

Do I have to pay statement fees?

No! Unlike a lot of fuel card providers Rebel does not charge statement fees.

Do I have to pay card fees or card change fees?

No! Most of the national card providers charge a monthly card fee and card change fees. Rebel does not.

Do I have to pay reporting fees?

No! All our reports, even the automated reports, are free.

Can you integrate with my EDL providers?

Yes, we can integrate with most EDL providers. This creates an accurate MPG, accurate tracking of vehicle cost per mile, reduces, if not eliminates, fuel theft, and can assist in IFTA reporting.

Can you integrate with Telematic providers?

Yes, we can integrate with most Telematic providers. We can send daily files to your provider to ensure your vehicle was at the location of the fueling event to detect misuse, fraud, or theft.

Can I group my cards by departments, and or, divisions?

Yes! Cards can be separated by GL code, grouped into departments or divisions, and even separated by sub accounts under the master account.

Can I manage my account and cards online?

Yes! Once you have a Customer Portal login you can view cards, change card labels for billing or reporting, order cards, cancel cards, view/download all transaction history, see tax exemptions, and account history.

Are there view only and edit permissions to the online portal?

Yes!  Access by user can be restricted to view only or full edit permissions.  Accounts that have master/sub(s) accounts can also limit access by full accounts. 

Can I pay by invoice online?

Yes! Once you have a Customer Portal login, just log in and pick the invoices you want to pay and enter account information.

Can I customize my invoice?

Yes! We currently have over 100 different invoice types. If one doesn’t work for you, we can have a custom invoice created.

Do we offer 24-hour customer service?

Yes! We know fleets run 24/7 and they need a fuel provider who does the same. We have friendly Customer Service Representatives ready to help whenever you need it.

What are the billing terms?

Rebel Fleet offers several flexible billing terms suited to fit your business needs.

Can we purchase maintenance items with your card?

Yes! With our national Voyager card, maintenance programs are available and customizable by SIC product codes.

Are you tired of collecting fuel receipts?

All your transactions (from ALL networks) are on our Customer Portal the following morning for your review.

Client Testimonials

 We have been using beck oil services for years now and have never been disappointed. They have the best customer service . Whenever we needed help during business hours or after hours they are always available to assist you .There has been a few times where they saved us headaches and tons of money. I was very surprised they monitor any unusual activity on our fuel card account.  They contacted me right away and everything was handled. Thank you beck oil for being there for us. 

Edgar | Aguilar's Towing

It’s been a great pleasure using Rebel Fleet, their staff has resolved any issue that arises exceeding our expectations with a staff that has always been friendly courteous and professional. Doing business with Rebel certainly helps our business run smoother

Gene | Avcom Systems

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