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Streamlined Fuel Management for Contractors and Construction Companies with Fuel Cards and Onsite Fuel Management

Efficient fuel management is essential for contractors and construction companies to manage and control fuel costs. One way to simplify fuel purchasing and maximize cost savings is a wholesale-based fuel purchasing program. This program offers numerous benefits; large cardlock fueling locations, nationwide acceptance, online account management, job costing for reporting, GPS integration, strict controls, onsite tank transaction integration, custom reporting, and much more. Let’s explore how fleet fuel cards can revolutionize fuel management for contractors and construction companies, enabling smoother operations and improved profitability.

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Wholesale-Based Purchasing Program:

Fleet Owners are often enticed by fleet cards offering “Discounts at The Pump” with savings of $0.05 to $0.10 cents per gallon off the posted price. While this may seem like a good deal, real savings come from participating in a wholesale purchasing program, available only through ultimate petroleum distributors with a network of wholesale purchasing locations.

As the cost of oil rises, the price of fuel at the pump naturally increases to keep up with the cost of inventory replacement. However, when the cost of oil falls, the retail stations will tend to hold their prices as long as possible before dropping.

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Multiple Fleet Fueling Networks:

Our wholesale-based fuel purchasing programs are available at 3,000 locations nationwide.  If there is not a location near a particular job site, a Rebel Fleet card can also be used to purchase fuel in over 180,000 locations, and maintenance in over 50,000 service facilities nationwide.  Regardless of the card used, all transactions are seamlessly integrated into our billing and customer portal. 

On-Site Fuel Management & Integration:

Contractors and construction companies often need quick and efficient access to fuel for their vehicles and equipment. One solution is to implement an on-site tank. Rebel Fleet offers tank automation systems that provide secure access and accountability for transactions transpiring at these locations, all seamlessly integrated into any outside fueling that may occur.  Whether it’s a 20,000-gallon tank or a 500-gallon tank, we have tank automation systems suitable for all your needs, large or small.  You don’t even have to purchase bulk fuel from Rebel Fleet for this program to work.  

Strict Controls:

Our cards come with controls that strictly enforce your contracting or construction company’s fuel purchasing policies. These controls empower you to limit such things as the number of transactions per day, grades of fuel that can be purchased, the gallons per day, week, or month, the times of day/days of the week when cards are able to work, and much more.  By setting such customized controls, your contracting or construction company can prevent unauthorized spending, reduce fuel theft, and reduce the overall cost of fuel management.  These controls consistently provide welcome savings to our contracting or construction customers’ bottom lines.  

Unusual Activity Reporting:

Strict Controls at the site are not always the final answer.  Often our contracting or construction customers want the ability to allow certain behavior to occur even though it might deviate from the general fuel purchasing policy.  For example, they may wish to allow their employees to have access to fuel over the weekend, but simply would like to be advised when this occurs.  Our answer to this type of scenario is to send Unusual Activity Alerts via email whenever they occur.   If the point of sale allows an unauthorized transaction the company will receive an Unusual Activity Report.  We can alert you, or any number of people in your organization, if your employees buy the wrong product, or if they exceed a reasonable number of transactions per day, week or month; if too many gallons were purchased, or if there was a transaction outside of the allowed hours during the day. Again, providing exceptional value and savings to your bottom-line.

Telematic Integration:

Telematics, the integration of telecommunications and vehicle data, is transforming the way businesses manage their fleets. The Rebel Fleet card excels at telematic integration which enables seamless data exchange between your fueling activity and your fleet management software. This integration provides valuable insights into vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and maintenance needs. By analyzing telematics data, contractors and construction companies can optimize fuel consumption, identify potential maintenance issues, and improve overall fleet efficiency, including being able to identify if their vehicle was at the fueling location at the same time as the transaction occurred.

Back Office Organization:

Managing a fleet of vehicles and equipment involves extensive administrative tasks. How much time are you wasting moving information from invoices, or even simple excel spreadsheets provided by your current fuel provider, into your telematics, fleet maintenance, or cost accounting systems?  The Rebel Fleet card can simplify back-office operations by providing detailed transaction reports, expense tracking, tax reporting, and comprehensive data analysis. These tools assist in budgeting, cost allocation, and evaluating fuel consumption patterns across the fleet. With enhanced visibility into fuel expenses, businesses can identify potential areas for improvement and implement strategies to optimize their operations further.

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