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Rebel Fleet specializes in tailoring unique fleet fueling programs, aimed at satisfying each customer’s specific needs, regardless of size. Our primary focus is to deliver excellent service while helping our customers save valuable time and money.

Originating from the brand philosophy of Anabi Oil’s Rebel Convenience Stores, Rebel Fleet captures the same family-owned and operated dedication. For over three decades, Anabi Oil has been a name synonymous with trust, owning and supplying over one thousand convenience stores nationwide.

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In alignment with the ‘Excellence at Every Level’ principle that Anabi is known for, the Rebel Fleet card is designed to be unparalleled. To achieve this, Anabi collaborated with National Fueling Systems (NFS), Voyager, and CFN to establish networks that provide a robust fuel program. This program caters to small and large fleets, offering stringent controls and nationwide wholesale-based pricing. Additionally, we’ve partnered with industry-leading billing software to ensure the best user experience and environment for our customers.

Are you fed up with the usual limitations of your fleet card? Break free from the norm and embrace the rebel within! Come, join Rebel Fleet.

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