Addressing Fuel Theft by Employees

In a recent incident in Camden County, MO, a Road and Bridge supervisor faced termination over alleged fuel theft. County leaders launched an internal investigation upon detecting a potential issue and discovered that the problem may have persisted for several years. The implicated supervisor was placed on administrative leave, internally investigated, and subsequently terminated for policy violations.

Notably, the sheriff’s department has not pressed criminal charges in this case. County leaders have acknowledged the need for change in fuel management practices to prevent future incidents. They aim to enhance procedures and instill greater accountability within the Road and Bridge department.

Preventing Fuel Theft:

To avert such incidents, it is crucial to report any suspicious activity promptly. Relying solely on paper fuel logs and employee honesty poses a risk of mismanaged fuel inventory or theft. At Rebel Fleet, we employ cutting-edge technology at our locations to detect and immediately alert us to any suspicious activity. Moreover, this technology can be deployed on the tanks in your yard.

Are You Ready to be a Rebel?:

Are you ready to take a stand against fuel theft? Embrace advanced technology and robust procedures to safeguard your assets and maintain accountability. Become a Rebel and secure your fuel inventory against potential threats. Give us a call today!

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